My images explore deep connection to ancient and earthy symbols.

I design jewelry that helps earth-conscious professionals stay grounded and connected to the earth and mother nature. My images explore ancient and earthy symbols and each piece tells a unique story.

“Winged Woman Art” is an expression of my spiritual and physical journey through life, being connected firmly to the natural world, as seen through a woman's eyes. Through this lens I am sharing the symbols and nature totem images that have helped me in my journey.

First inspired by the “Venus of Willendorf”, a paleolithic goddess fetish, I found my creative focus in raw, organic nature and ancient culture. Pair this focus with a modern and abstract style, and my work has been aptly named Primitive Elegance, described as “showcasing the beautiful lines and shapes in everyday ordinary thoughts, emotions, people, and things,” and “breaking down complex states, messages, and lifestyles into straightforward statements”.

I have a degree in Metalsmithing with a foundation in fashion, from Mount Mary College, a women's university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, an emphasis on sculpture has influenced the way my designs are manipulated.

The Stacie Anthony Collection combines traditional metalsmithing with innovative new materials. Designs are completed in sterling and fine silver, bronze, and copper, also incorporating unique, genuine gemstones. My work connects the ethereal qualities of metalworked imagery with the metaphysical and physical properties of the stones. Deep bronze patinazation and dark oxidation add to the primitive quality of my work and many pieces can be easily imagined as coming from another period in time.

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